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During September we are following the Methodist Church programme for Bible Month. If you see Col 1, 2, 3 or 4 on the plan that indicates a service in connection with this. A good number of our preachers have spent time working on the letter to the Colossians in order to enable this and I am grateful for their work.

Bible Month invites churches and groups to engage deeply with Scripture through focusing on a single Biblical book over a calendar month. Bible Month can involve preachers, small group leaders, and children and youth workers, who can all take part in running Bible Month within the church. The Bible Month resources are designed to work within both group settings — such as a church, a group of churches or a home group — and to be useful for individual study.
Colossians gives us a unique insight into the religious mix of Asia Minor in the second half of the first century. And also into some of the challenges which the first Christian churches experienced as they sought to establish themselves in such contexts.

I trust we will benefit from this study as we seek to face the challenges of our context.

Click here to download a daily reading guide that breaks down the book into bize-sized chunks and offers thoughts and suggestions.

Rev. Andy Fishburne has also produced a series of short videos on Colossians. Click here to see them on YouTube.

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