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Sthie is our online worship service. Each week you can join in at home with an act of Methodist worship.

Sthie (pronounced 'sty') is the Manx word for 'at home'.

There are several ways to access Sthie.

1. If you use Facebook, click on this link to join the Sthie group. Each week we host a 'watch party' where people all connect together at the same time and worship together. You can do this on any device that accesses Facebook — apart from Apple iPads. (For some annoying reason it doesn't work on them). There are also optional small groups for mutual support, and space to discuss whatever you like.

Facebook Group

Each week there is a blank sheet that you can fill out with thoughts as we go. Click here to download a copy.

2. A video will appear on YouTube on Sundays. Here's a link to Andy's channel:

YouTube Channel

3. We are soon going to offer Sthie on DVD. Please contact your minister for more details.

4. We are producing a weekly paper-version. Click here to download the latest:

Sthie Paper 22 March 2020

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