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Harvest celebrations

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Harvest Thanksgiving services have been taking place across the island this month.

At Peel Methodist Church, this was a fabulous morning of activity and praise, with several new people coming along to the service and joining in the magnificent Faith Lunch.

The huge sunflower (pictured) was made in the Chapel during our Refresh and Renew group as part of the Yarn Bomb project in Peel. The wool was sheared from sheep in Patrick, washed, spun, dyed and then made up to a huge sunflower. This was one of 3 such flowers. It was hung complete in the Cathedral and this morning the three flowers were in the Chapel so very much recycle and reuse.
The service was led by Rev Jo Smart and involved Countdown, anagrams of Harvest (apparently there are 50) and not globetrotting, but globe-throwing around the congregation! A wonderful service and lunch.

Send us some pictures of your Harvest celebration!

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